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Location: Unknown location, CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Encounter: The female witness, pre-2004, used to live in a small village in the Cambridgeshire fens. She was out walking her boyfriend's dog after midnight in her own street, when she had a feeling of being watched. On turning round she saw a dog that looked like a "huge black Labrador but with a hard-looking face", unlike a normal Labrador. At first she thought it was going to attack her boyfriend's pet, but the Labrador was looking straight at her and she felt very uneasy, so she began walking backwards towards her house. At some point during this the dog "just disappeared".

The following day, whilst at work 200 miles away, she received a call to say that her father had had a stroke the previous night, just after midnight, and was not expected to live. It was only some time after his death that she learned of the Shuck legends, and connected him as an 'omen of death' with her father.

Source: Posted June 2004 by 'Wiccawillow' on

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